Welcome to Atlanta Muscle Melter

We are a small, Woman owned, local Atlanta boutique massage practice. Not a corporate chain!

Our specialty is Ashiatsu. (Have a look at our video above!) We use hands, elbows knees and feet, & we are skilled at getting rid of pain and tension in the body.
We get to know our clients, we interview you before your session to make sure the massage you want is the massage you get. We allow time to talk to you, and you always get your full-time on the table. 60 minutes means 60 minutes, not 50.

We are trained in over a dozen modalities of massage, and we blend them together to custom tailor your massage for you. We do not charge extra for different styles of massage. We run our small personal business the way it should be, by getting to know our clients and seeing them regularly!

You can book a session online right now! Experience massage the way it should be, with a therapist who gets to know you, communicates clearly, and takes care of you so you can keep doing the things you enjoy! Welcome to the Melter.

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