Clients often exclaim- you can feel that?! The answer? Yes. I can feel that through my feet. Hello, my name is Lauren. As an Ashiatsu therapist I blend modalities to deliver firm, yet gentle pressure that addresses the body, mind, and spirit.

Using my background in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, I meet you where you are, and together, we address your therapeutic goals. My passion for holistic care will not only help you feel better in your physical body, but will also enrich your life as a whole. I have many tools, let me find the right one for the job.

You have one life to live—you deserve to live as easily and comfortably as possible. I’ve got your back.


Owner – The Melter

After college I spent several years in the abyss of corporate America crunching numbers behind my gray cubicle walls. I left that behind and went to Atlanta school of massage in 2004, I graduated from the Asian bodywork program, and I opened my practice the week I graduated. I’ve been in private practice ever since!
I love my clients, I love helping people feel better, and let me tell you, it shows in my work!

I have worked with clients who do everything you can imagine, from long days at stressful jobs, to stuntmen, race car drivers, BASE jumpers, Crossfitters and some of the biggest stars, directors and producers in Hollywood. If you think you have a pain I haven’t heard of, forget it. Chances are I have seen it.

I’ve seen plenty of overstressed, overworked business people with sore necks and shoulders thanks to the computer they stare at all day long, and I’ve seen stuntmen who come to me fresh from being run over by their own motorcycle or involved in a very “choreographed” car crash. It can be crazy what I see in a day at the office, and I love it!

Now book an appointment and tell me what hurts! (And if you have a cool story to go with it why it hurts, that’s even better)

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